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  Montana Bowl of Cherries is about helping you to discover how all the parts of your homestead, no matter what size can work together in harmony to give you a more sustainable living.  We call it Homestead Harmony!

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Easy, Edible Landscaping for Northern Homescapes

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Montana Bowl of Cherries products are downloadable planners and guides as well as courses to assist your “next step” in your Homestead Harmony journey

Montana Bowl of Cherries- Fresh Tomatoes, Canned Salsa and Fresh Tomato Salad

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Our blog covers many topics such as gardening, recipes, caregiver care and caring for your animal partners.

Cameron Brown CCC&W hands at the lathe


Cam’s Etsy shop is the place to find items hand-crafted for your life in acrylic, wood and ash.

Photo Credit: Ayla Brown Fairytale Photography

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