“What is most important to you in life?”  A very philosophical friend asked me this very good question.  She is a very wise woman so she gave me time to think about it before I get back to her with my answer.  Here are some of my thoughts so tell me what you think.

First off, I know some extraordinary people.  I married one of these extraordinary people.  He amazes me every day.  Some of these people came into my life as my family; as cousins, sisters children.  Some of these people started out as neighbors or friends and are now part of my family, siblings from another mother, just because of how awesome they are.  Some I have left in other parts of the world and I only hear from occasionally.  All these extraordinary people are an important part of my character and add to the sum of my experiences.  This friend is one of these extraordinary people!

What is Most Important in Your Life?

That is a very broad question so my friend, Mrs. M gave me some parameters.  She challenged me to list at least the top 5, but she had done the top 10.  She spends a lot of time walking so she has a lot of time to think.  Besides, this is her deep question so she has taken the time to ponder it before springing it on other folks.  I’m just kidding about that.  I’m sharing this whole thought process with you because I have enjoyed pondering this and would like some pondering company here.

Mrs. M also told me a couple of her top 5.  Health is at the top of her list, she also said religion is up there but her health is definitely at the top.  I have seen that in her.  From this amazing lady, I have learned that staying healthy or regaining health takes a lot of work.  You can’t just go to bed for a few days and expect to get better.

Alright, so that was the end of our conversation.  So, what is important to me in life?  It is my family, that is for certain.  It is my health, definitely!  “Please bless me to be strong enough to do my work”, has been my prayer since my first child was born and I was pretty sure I would never be able to keep up ever again!

Is it Money?  Certainly, that is important.  I enjoy having enough so that I don’t have to worry about finances, but I also enjoy the creativity that comes from making something out of nothing.   Having enough to share is important, but I also love sharing things that do not cost any money at all.  Maybe money.

I also enjoy the satisfaction of work!  How much fun is it to see a project in the works?  Maybe it’s time.  At times, I have had “Too much time on my hands” as the phrase from a Styx song runs through my head to “I rush and rush until life’s not fun” as a line from an Alabama song laments.  I like the middle ground.  Always something to do but time to stop and enjoy as I go.

What about religion?  What meaning of religion are we talking about?  That makes a difference as to where it sits.

What is it that makes me do what I do everyday and find joy in life?

That I think is the question she is asking me to ask myself.  Alright then, with those parameters in place, I know how I would answer your question my dear Mrs. M!

My Answer to What is Most Important in Your Life?

  1. My relationship with my Savior-deeper than my religious convictions and my love for my family.  Because…my love for my family and my religious convictions come directly from that relationship.  Maybe they don’t for everyone.  That is fine, this is my list.  I will respect yours and would love to hear about it.
  2. My family-a very important center of my daily life.  I love time with and hearing from my awesome husband, my grandbabies, my children, my adopted children, my sisters, my cousins, my siblings from other parents…all are my family and are vital to the joy in my life.
  3. Work and Religion get tied up here so we will call them both number 3.  There is a deep satisfaction in the work of the day, whatever that is, and many times that work is called religion.  I find joy in serving others, family or not, baking for a neighbor, attending worship services, and partaking of the sacrament as much as I enjoy the work that I do.  I love the writing and the learning that go into this blog, I love the work with the dogs, the chickens, the gardens and working side by side with Cameron.  The baking and chocolate work are so meaningful, hmmm, ok they have their own rewards perhaps they are play.  I love the work that goes into keeping a house and feeding us.  Last summer when I was so sick, I got up long enough to do the work.
  4. Health is something that I work on everyday.  I subscribe to the idea that health is based on 7 different aspects of one’s life that work together.  That idea is called a Wellness Wheel.  I have found a lot of information on this idea over the years, here is one.  Those 7 different aspects are; Emotional, Intellectual, Physical, Social, Environmental, Financial, and Spiritual.  If one of these aspects is unwell, it will affect the overall health of the entire person.  Taking time to assess how I am doing in each of these areas is important to me.  As a caregiver, it is important to me that I am checking in with those around me as well to see how they are faring.  I know that I am not in charge of anyone else’s wellbeing.  How important each aspect of the Wellness Wheel is to you is up to you entirely.  I can only encourage.
  5. Time is important to me.  Running out of time, being on time, too much time, and wasting time stress me greatly.  I work hard at using time wisely, timely responses, spending time, saving time and starting on time.  Relaxation time, play time, and some days nap time help keep my life on an even keel, too.

Tell Us About Your Importance List

I believe that this list evolves throughout life.  Could someone really have the same priorities in the same order throughout life?  Certainly some things stay put but others might ebb and flow more.

Thank you my dear Mrs. M for the delightful, insightful head space journey you have sent me on the past few days.  You know that is part of why I love you so.

I wonder if the rest of our readers would be so kind as to share one or two of the things that are Most Important to You in Life?  Please leave us a comment telling us what brings you joy, or what gets you out of bed every day, or what keeps you going.  We are looking forward to hearing from you.


Rhonda Brown lives in rural eastern Montana, surrounded by her family, chickens, gardens and dog. When she isn't writing or weeding, she loves spending time with her family, baking, and all things CHOCOLATE.


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