Here is the story behind this beautiful display rack, a new item in Cam’s Custom Cabinets & Woodworking.  Our customer uses it for a temporary display at a farmer’s market, but we are finding it also works great for a permanent display in a store setting.

“Can You Do Anything Like This?”

Montana Bowl of Cherries-Zinnia Sweets display

Display rack used to display baked goods at a farmer’s market. Thank you Zinnia Sweets for the picture and the order.

Artists in all venues love this challenge!  That is exactly how this display rack started.  There were some parameters:

  • it needs to break down flat for transport.
  • the shelf angles need to be adjustable.
  • it needs to be lightweight.
  • one person needs to be able to set up and break down easily.








Display Rack Breaks Down Flat

Wingnuts on the ends of the shelves allow each shelf to be removed from the supports.  Each shelf (or box) can then be stack on another.  The supports also lay flat.  This makes it easy for you to transport and store.

Shelf Angles Need to Be Adjustable

The wingnuts also make the shelves of the display rack adjustable from vertical to horizontal and everything in between.  This makes a great way to display a variety of your fantastic product.

The Display Rack Needs to Be Lightweight

Made of Select Pine, it is lightweight enough to handle easily but don’t be mistaken!  It might be lightweight, but it is still sturdy enough to cheerfully show off your product time and time again.

One Person is All That is Needed for Set-up and Break-down

A hint for assembling: Place the shelves next to each other on the floor.  Attach the supports by sliding the bolts of the shelves through the holes in the supports while the unit is still on the ground.  Put the washers and wingnuts on but not completely tight.  Stand the display rack upright.  Now, the shelves can be set to the desired angle and the wingnuts tightened.  One person set-up!

Some Extras

Montana Bowl of Cherries-empty display rack shows all dividers

The dividers are removable for all kinds of configurations. This is the “natural” color choice.

  • The dividers in each shelf are removable so you can divide each shelf in many ways.  This works great for displaying small objects that go with larger objects.
  • Each shelf is 37 inches or 3 feet 1 inch long by 13.5 inches wide.  The height of the display rack is 64 inches or 5 feet l inch.  The display rack is a custom item.  That means Cam makes it when you order it so it also means that the shelves of your display rack can be shorter if you like.  Longer isn’t recommended for stability reasons.
  • You can choose your stain color.  The color shown is natural.  Stain choices are light, natural, or dark.  The finish that keeps the display rack functioning beautifully for years to come also makes it not food safe.  No unpackaged food items should be placed directly on this unit.
  • Price for this unit is $250.00.  Shipping depends on where you are but the average cost is $200.00. Sorry, we can’t ship outside the United States except to Canada.

Contact Cameron at to get your order for the display rack started today.  Want to see more about Cam’s Custom Cabinets & Woodworking?  Check out his page here.  Or CamsMTWoodworking on Etsy.



Rhonda Brown lives in rural eastern Montana, surrounded by her family, chickens, gardens and dog. When she isn't writing or weeding, she loves spending time with her family, baking, and all things CHOCOLATE.


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