There are some products that I really love and appreciate as a gardener.  As you are shopping keep some of these in mind as gifts for gardeners of all ages.

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Northern Gardeners in Winter

What do gardeners in the frozen North do in the winter?   Well…we dream about summer and plan next years garden.  For me, a lot of that planning and dreaming starts in the pages of inspirational garden books and moves from there to graphing out existing and new gardens.  From the graphs, the planning then moves to seed catalogs…but, it starts with the books.

We just got copies of some really fantastic books that would make  great gifts for gardeners of all ages:

Sissinghurst: The Dream Garden, Secret Gardens of Somerset: A Private Tour

Sissinghurst: The Dream Garden and Secret Gardens of Somerset: A Private Tour; these books are an inside tour of some beautiful English gardens that are not open to the public.


Sissinghurst is the most famous garden in the world and within it contains the most famous garden areas of the White Garden, the Rose Garden and the Cottage Garden.  Ideas abound in the beautifully illustrated pages of this book.

The Secret Gardens of Somerset offers A Private Tour of the UK’s most enticing gardens in Somerset, an area of southern England.  Most of these gardens are not open to the public.  Many of the head gardeners at these estates talk about their favorite plants, color combinations, and gardening tips.

These books have given so many ideas to my next-seasons gardens.  I have to keep reminding myself that these gardens have a team of gardeners but it is so much fun to dream that I could recreate something like these in my Montana gardens’

Sissinghurst can be purchased here.

Secret Gardens can be purchased here.

Combining Gardeners and Crafters

Garden Mosaics: 19 Beautiful Projects to Make for Your Garden

19 fantastic mosaic projects for the garden.

I have really great garden craft ideas.  However, even when I choose materials that work well outdoors, I have trouble getting them to stay looking nice throughout a season.  I don’t know much about the mediums necessary to keep things “glued” together through all kinds of weather.

In addition to some really fantastic garden mosaic ideas, Garden Mosaics from Fox Chapel Publishing, gave me a lot of help with those protective mediums.  With 19 stunning mosaic garden projects that range from simple to elaborate, every garden crafter should be able to find something to dress up their outdoor gardens.

Each design contains step-by-step instructions and photography as well as pattern templates.  This is a great addition to the library of any crafter!

Order Garden Mosaics here.

Gifts for Gardeners of All Ages

Montana Bowl of Cherries-Bea's Bees-children's book about pollinators and attracting plants

One of our favorite books for young gardeners, Bea’s Bees has much to offer gardeners of all ages.

This is probably one of our favorite gardening books of all time.  It happens to be a book for young gardeners but we all love it because of how much we have learned as well.

Beatrice becomes aware of bumble bees on her way to school each day.  One day, her friends the bees are gone.  She solves the mystery scientifically and ends up teaching us how the efforts of one person can change her corner of the world.



Montana Bowl of Cherries- Bea's Bees flower guide to attracting pollinators

Inside Bea’s Bees is a guide to bee and butterfly friendly flowers.

Inside Bea’s Bees is a flower guide.  It is like the one that Bea uses to teach her peers how they can grow pollinator-friendly plants in something as small as a patio pot.  This is all part of Bea’s plan to get “her” bumble bees to come back. Does it work?  Buy the book and find out.

You can order Bea’s Bees from here.





 Gloves- for Gardeners of all Ages

Montana Bowl of Cherries-Digz gloves promotion

Here are my Digz-I just thought a nice, right out of the box picture would be nice. It’s awesome that I can wash them so they can look like this again.

There is not a more vital piece of equipment to a gardener than a good pair of gloves!  Digz has several styles, colors, and uses for all ages and sizes of gardeners.

I used the Digz duck canvas utility garden gloves for several projects this fall, including remodeling our chicken coop. I could feel things as small as staples but didn’t get a single staple or sliver in my fingers. Can be machine washed in cold water and dried flat.  Love that too!

Order your Digz duck canvas utility garden gloves here.

Digz Gardener touchscreen gloves were my constant companion this summer.  Garden shoes, water bottle, Digz and phone and off I went every morning.  I didn’t wear out my gloves, just me.  The touchscreen compatibility is such a nice feature.  I loved that I didn’t have to snatch off a glove for every phone call or text message that came in.  Grand Central Montana Bowl of Cherries is run from my phone no matter where I am at.  These gloves also can be machine washed in cold water and dried flat.

Order your Digz Gardener touchscreen gloves here.

The Digz rose picker touchscreen gloves go much farther up my forearm.  They work great for working not only with roses but raspberries, hedges or straw bales.  Trust me when I tell you that your gardener will think of you fondly every time they put on their Digz for many seasons to come!

Order your Digz rose picker touchscreen gloves here.

Gifts for Gardeners

We love gardeners!  We love gardens!  We love gifts!  Hope these ideas inspire you to find something to bless the life of your gardener, even in the off-season.


Rhonda Brown lives in rural eastern Montana, surrounded by her family, chickens, gardens and dog. When she isn't writing or weeding, she loves spending time with her family, baking, and all things CHOCOLATE.


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