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Cameron started Cam’s Custom Cabinets & Woodworking in Miles City, MT as an extension of his love of fine wood.

Growing up, Cameron spent a lot of time with his father, working on remodeling their own home.  As an adult, he has remodeled three of his own houses, adding unique and personal qualities to each project.

Cam's Custom Cabinets & Woodworking specializing in unique and individual orders

Cabinets are custom made in Cameron’s shop

Cam’s Custom Cabinets & Woodworking Miles City Montana

Cam begins each project with a free estimate and consultation.  With the your personal specifications in hand, Cameron begins work in the Cam’s Custom Cabinets & Woodworking shop in Miles City, Montana.

Soon, your cabinet takes shape, looking like it did in your head and Cameron’s computer screen.  This project in progress will be a movable island with a butcher block countertop.  There will be a slide out in the cupboard holding flour and sugar bins.  The drawer above will hold such things as measuring cups and spoons and a rolling pin.  This “baker’s friend” cabinet is sure to please.




Cam’s Custom Cabinets & Woodworking; More Than Cabinets

Cam's Custom Cabinets & Woodworking specializing in unique and personal orders. A shoji wall in a bedroom/bathroom suite

A shoji wall that Cameron built in a bathroom/bedroom suite

While his specialty is custom cabinets, Cameron loves to tackle unique projects.  This shoji wall is against an inside wall with no natural light behind it.  The trick was to find a way to light the shoji without the light appearing as bulbs behind the screen.  The style of the stained pine in the shoji screen and the drop down ceiling, are echoed in the trim throughout both rooms.  This ties both rooms together beautifully.

Do you love the look of fine wood the way Cameron does?  You should be contacting him for all your woodworking needs.






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Cameron’s Etsy Page

woodworking, lathe-turned items

Cameron has an Etsy shop filled with unusual handmade items for gifts or collectibles.  He uses exotic and domestic woods in his wood turning projects so you can find exactly what you are looking for.  There is everything from ice cream paddles to submarine pens, salt and pepper collectibles to wedding cake servers.  Come see for yourself.

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