Easy, Edible Landscaping for Northern Homescapes, garden course


Easy, Edible Landscaping for Northern Homescapes is an email course that turns a confused homesteader into an confident landscape planner. Learn about how working with soil, water, and sun can create perfect conditions for plants to thrive. Next, learn about which plants grow easily in a northern climate. Finally, take all those easy choices and turn them into a drawing and a plan that will give you a quick and easy return on your landscape investment.



Easy, Edible Landscaping for Northern Homescapes

Hey Northern Gardeners!  STOP dreaming of your edible homescape and START planting instead. Our garden course, Easy, Edible Landscaping for Northern Homescapes is here to help!

Are you overwhelmed by your landscape with no easy fix in sight? Do you worry you will plant something that will harm your family or animals?  Does your growing space seem hopeless? Have you seen our garden course?

What if…?



  • You could pick fruits and vegetables from your front yard that looked and tasted fantastic?
  • You knew exactly  what you wanted your landscape to look like and do for you?
  • You confidently drew an epic landscape plan suited to your unique circumstances?
  • There was a way to see success in just a few weeks after you planted your first seed?
  • You had a workable plan for short-term and long-term homesteading goals that was insanely easy?

What would all these what-ifs do for your homesteading goals?

Your circumstances are unique. The goal of this garden course is to give you tools to make your growing space work for you, no matter it’s size, your skill level, and your time constraints.

Many flowering plants are edible so it really is possible to have a beautiful and functional homescape. Having that list at your fingertips without all the research, takes the uncertainty out of managing your homescape.

Your soil is as unique as your growing space.  Knowing how to improve your soil can make all the difference to your success.

Learning how to take what you have and turn it into a landscape drawing that exactly fits your lifestyle and then, turn that drawing into a project plan that is EASY can be life-changing.

More about Easy, Edible Landscaping for Northern Homescapes

Garden Course, Easy, Edible, Landscaping for Northern Homescapes index of email classes.

Our garden course, aka (affectionately known as) EELNH, is an email course. It starts when you purchase and continues as one lesson per day for the next 12 days. Each lesson is packed with information to help you easily make decisions about your homescape and goals and quickly turn those decisions into a drawing and plan that actually works!

Purchasing EELNH gives you access to videos specifically for this course and printable downloads that will help you achieve your goals. Those bonuses include:

  • lists of easy edible plants that do well in northern climates. Each list is broken down into annuals, perennials, bushes, and trees.
  • easy-to-use templates for landscape design
  • project planning pages
  • a complete guide to composting

The best part? All you have to do to get answers to your unique questions is to hit reply and ask. We are that close!

As a bonus, when you purchase our garden course, Easy, Edible Landscaping for Northern Homescapes, we will send you a coupon in your first email to receive Keeping Chickens Toolkit for FREE. Talk about landscape planning!

Our Story

Garden Course, Easy, Edible, Landscaping for Northern Homescapes topic heading graphicWhen we bought our home and 1.3 acres in 1996, there were some existing vegetable gardens as well as some interesting features. We spent the next several years working with what we had, to create a beautiful landscape that included fruit trees, vegetable gardens, flower gardens and a couple of water features.

In 2010, we did some extensive remodeling that needed to happen and turned out marvelous, but we had no idea it would cause the devastation that it did to our homescape. Before we had time to deal with the piles of clay soil, buried fruit trees and lost gardens, a spring flood added to our despair.

Easy, Edible Landscaping for Northern Homescapes is what we learned as we rebuilt, only better! Nothing looks like it did before the piles of dirt but we love our homescape again. There is always so much going on in our lives that the Plan had to be easy to make and easy to do. We learned how to work with the processes of nature instead of fighting them. Since then, so many people have asked for our help with their beginning that we streamlined the process so that we had something to offer when we were asked. It was only natural that this process should become part of Montana Bowl of Cherries.

Real Results From Garden Course Participants

We aren’t the only ones who have seen their despair change to excitement. Here is what some of our customers are saying:

“Thank you. This is just what I needed!”  Emily

Start Today!

It really is possible to eat what you plant within a few weeks and see a total transformation in your homescape within 2 seasons. None of that can happen until you get started! ORDER NOW!






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