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You work hard for everyone in your life.  You love that about you!  They love that about you!  We love that about you!

Let’s face it-there’s nothing more frustrating than getting to the end of the week and realizing all the things you forgot to do and never actually feeling like you are getting anywhere with your goals.  And there’s nothing more disheartening than watching your opportunities pass you by.

You know you should be able to keep up and remember all those things that are most important.  Maybe you’ve even tried keeping track on multiple calendars or a one-size-fits-all planner.

And yet it’s not quite working!

How DO you keep track of everyone’s appointments?  How DO you focus your little free time where it does the most good?  How DO you show up for everyone else and yourself too?  How DO you make your life work for you instead of the other way around?

What if there was an easy fix?

Goal Slayer Planner-Weekly Wizard

The Goal Slayer Planner offers a simple solution to keeping track of everything in your life in one place.  It gives a place to regroup every day and check in with yourself.  The Weekly Wizard is two pages; one to dump your list and prioritize it, one a weekly calendar, menu planner and gratitude log.  Not a list person?  No worries!  The Goal Slayer Planner is fully customizable. You can use it to make sure you didn’t forget the most important things in your week and stop leaving yourself out of your own life!

How does the Goal Slayer Planner work?

The Goal Slayer Planner works on a quarterly plan.  Goals can be set and tracked for all 13 weeks.  In the file you will download there are 4 sections for choosing and stepping out goals, accounting for progress, monthly pages and weekly planning pages.  If you want to set up monthly pages for a year, simply print out more of those pages.  Once you download The Goal Slayer Planner you own it and can print it as many times as you like.  Then just get yourself a binder and a hole punch and you are set!  Following your purchase you will receive tips for using your planner in your email inbox!

Quarterly Quest- Here is where you identify and map out the goals (we recommend 4 but Goal Slayer is customizable) you want to conquer in the next 13 weeks, 1/4 of a year.

Goal Slayer At a Glance- After you have set your goals in Quarterly Quest, you can keep track of each weeks’ progress on one handy sheet.

Monthly Pages- These calendar pages are blank so you can fill out the next four months.  Keep track of appointments, deadlines and special days.  Your next Quarterly Quest begins on your timetable.

Weekly Wizard- This two-page worksheet is your daily companion.  The Weekly Wizard is the vehicle to move your goals forward, even when setbacks occur!  Spend a few minutes each week filling it out and check in with it daily.

  • First map out your priorities for the week.
  • Fill out the calendar.
  • Figure out the menu.
  • Find some motivational wisdom
  • Finally, conquer your week and SLAY SOME GOALS!

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Here’s what our beta testers are saying!

“I am a writer, retired nurse and a dedicated Procrastinator.  I was asked to be a Beta Tester and first user of the newly developed Goal Slayer Planner program on July 6, 2021.  This is my six month review.

From January, 2015 until 2021, I had published two books and was working on five books simultaneously through many distractions.  Goal Slayer has completely changed my life.  In six months I’ve published three books and making progress on two more while living an unsequestered lifestyle.  Goal Slayer has helped me to:

  1. Prioritize tasks and outline steps to reach that goal.  By clearly defining goals and separating them into segments, I’m able to return to my stopping place despite distractions.  Segmenting my goals, my life and my manuscripts has proven to be a vital tool.
  2. Multi-tasking and meeting deadlines.  Writing down the steps to reach a goal makes it easier for me to visualize the required tasks.  I refer frequently to my list throughout the day to stay on track and complete one set before moving on to another.  As a Nurse Manager, I frequently refer to my Job Description to be sure I’m staying within my scope of practice and accomplishing my responsibilities.  Now, I’m also managing my own schedule so I can be more effective in an economic use of my time.
  3. I’m able to plan ahead, focus, concentrate and segment because of this planner.  This tool has been so useful in organizing my writing time and my outlines and meeting deadlines.  I’m truly a writer with workable goals and guaranteed results because of the Goal Slayer Planner.  I recommend it without reservation.  It has changed my life.”

Thank you for using The Goal Slayer Planner!


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