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3-month Goal Setting, Success Tracking, Project Mapping, Weekly Planner

Is it time to go on a quest to conquer your goals and return the hero? Our Montana of Cherries readers say YES! This Goal Warrior Planner is the 13-week (1 quarter of a year) armor you need to defend your goals from the busyness of life. Who says your quest can’t begin on any day of the year? The calendars are undated so that you can begin your quest when YOU choose to. Inside the Goal Warrior Planner, you will find

  • Quest Tracker and Project Tracker for managing weekly success on 8 goals and 8 projects over 13 weeks.
  • Quarterly Quest pages for identifying and writing out the steps to 8 goals.
  • Project Planner pages for identifying and writing out the steps to 8 projects.
  • Monthly Sword and Shield-open-dated, 2-page, monthly calendars with space for notes for 4 months.
  • Weekly Maps and Armor-2 page weekly planner, one page for making a list of important items for the week and prioritizing the list. Don’t forget a step from your goals! The second page contains a weekly calendar, space for Motivational Wisdom (quotes or affirmations), menu, and daily gratitude.

There is more to life than busyness. Busy caregivers, students, authors, moms, dads, and small business owners have found this planner to be a great way to track all aspects of their lives and CONQUER THEIR GOALS! GO GOAL WARRIORS!

About Goal Warrior Planner

This version of the Goal Warrior Planner is sized at 8 1/2″x11″ and is a download product. That means that once you download it, you own it and can print as many copies and as many pages as you like. I love this size best! Just punch 3 holes in the pages and it goes in a 3-ring binder. Want more goal pages? No problem! Print them. Want less instruction? No problem! Don’t print those pages. If you print Goal Warrior Planner as 2-sided copy, it looks just like a book as you open each page.

There is a 6″x9″ paperback version of this planner available here  on Amazon. The 6″x9″ version is a 13-week paperback planner. So, now you can decide which version works best for you!

Here’s what Goal Warrior fans are saying

“I am a writer, retired nurse and a dedicated Procrastinator.  I was asked to be a Beta Tester and first user of the newly developed Goal Slayer Planner program on July 6, 2021.  This is my six month review.

From January, 2015 until 2021, I had published two books and was working on five books simultaneously through many distractions.  Goal Slayer has completely changed my life.  In six months I’ve published three books and making progress on two more while living an unsequestered lifestyle.  Goal Slayer has helped me to:

  1. Prioritize tasks and outline steps to reach that goal.  By clearly defining goals and separating them into segments, I’m able to return to my stopping place despite distractions.  Segmenting my goals, my life and my manuscripts has proven to be a vital tool.
  2. Multi-tasking and meeting deadlines.  Writing down the steps to reach a goal makes it easier for me to visualize the required tasks.  I refer frequently to my list throughout the day to stay on track and complete one set before moving on to another.  As a Nurse Manager, I frequently refer to my Job Description to be sure I’m staying within my scope of practice and accomplishing my responsibilities.  Now, I’m also managing my own schedule so I can be more effective in an economic use of my time.
  3. I’m able to plan ahead, focus, concentrate and segment because of this planner.  This tool has been so useful in organizing my writing time and my outlines and meeting deadlines.  I’m truly a writer with workable goals and guaranteed results because of the Goal Slayer Planner.  I recommend it without reservation.  It has changed my life.”



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